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Science never was and never will be a completed book. Every important victory gives rise to new questions, and all sorts of development eventually faces new, even harder challenges. –A. Einstein.

KHF Kaune

Kaunas Faculty is the only faculty of Vilnius University located in another city, where it was established in 1964. Now it is quite hard to believe that, at the very “dawn” of the faculty’s life, it did not have its own premises and was renting classrooms in the Institute of Polytechnics. This fact determined the form of the studies. For many years, people have been referring to the faculty as the “evening” faculty. In the beginning, KnF was expected to focus on general studies in Humanities, while studies of special subjects would be continued in the extramural department. However, when in 1984 the faculty was moved to present premises, it became possible to diversify the studies. Two departments that were founded in the beginning, the Department of Philology and the Department of Public Economic Sciences, gradually transformed into a number of departments and encouraged the diversification of the study programmes. In 1989, a day-time department was established. From then on, the faculty has been called Kaunas Faculty of Humanities.

Word of Welcome by the Dean

driaunys kestutis

 Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius University is open for study and research dialogue. Such experience has been fostered for five decades. In our Faculty you will discover the common space embracing the humanities, social and physical sciences – both in the field of studies and research.

May I emphasize an essential feature distinguishing our institution – we are the only campus of Vilnius University located in another city, the city of Kaunas; here Vilnius and Kaunas meet together. The Faculty was established in the unique architectural ensemble of the 16th – 17th century buildings, hence all our visitors have a wonderful opportunity to get enriched both intellectually and culturally.

We are proud of our lecturers and students and firmly believe that exclusively in a harmonious and dynamic academic environment a mature specialist may be educated.

We think that community is our true strength. Therefore we welcome everybody who enters the Faculty or visits it to share experience, interests, knowledge, problems or simply youthful enthusiasm since such communication gives the pulse of life and existential meaning to any study and research institution. We do exist for you!

Sincerely Yours,

Assoc. Prof. Kęstutis Driaunys,

Dean of Kaunas Faculty

How to find us?


8 Muitinės st., LT- 44280 Kaunas
Tel. +370 37 422 523


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