Business Informatics

About the programme

Study field: Physical Sciences

Study direction: Informatics

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Informatics

The main aim of the Business Informatics study programme is to prepare interdisciplinary specialists who would have a wide scope of theoretical knowledge and practical skill in the fields of Informatics and Economics, would be able to perform relevant analyses and systemise data flows, design, implement, test and install IT solutions in various business companies and budget organisations. Since 2009, Business Informatics study programme has included a new branch Finance Informatics; since 2012, Business Informatics study programme has been enriched by two specialisations, i.e. E-business Information Systems and Business Intellectual Systems that can be chosen starting from Semester 5.

Required features and skill:

A potential student of Business Informatics should be ambitious, curious and open-minded intellectual with interest in exact and social sciences as well as knowledge of what s/he wants and aims for.

Peculiarities of the study process:

The study programme provides students with basic knowledge system of Informatics, introduces advanced and up-to-date information technologies, teaches to design and develop business information systems, websites, use various types of software for data analysis, finance and bookkeeping, carry out a scientific analysis of a problem. The schedule of the studies is structured in such a way that students would be able to coordinate work and studying starting from the 3rd year.

The demand for specialists in Business Informatics is increasing in foreign countries as well. The Department of Informatics has developed close contact with respective departments of universities in Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain and other countries. Each year our best students have the opportunity to study in these universities with ERASMUS Exchange programme.

Other aspects of the programme:

Starting from the 2nd year, students can choose one or several alternative (elective) subjects from the list provided as well as optional subjects offered by other departments of the Faculty. A three-month long professional practice is carried out during Semester 8.


The programme ends with the defence of the final (BA) thesis. Graduates are awarded a bachelor degree in Information Systems.

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