Business Management

About the programme

The study programme is coordinated by the Department of Business Economics and Management

Verslo valdymas khfStudy area:  Social Sciences

Study field: Business and Management

Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Business and Management

Duration: 3,5 years

Necessary features and abilities

Applicants should be business-oriented, organized, creative, able to plan work, cooperate, motivate for common activities.

If you are communicative, you enjoy being in a manager’s position, have organizational skills and thinking of establishing your own business someday, this study programme is for you.

The aim of the study programme is to prepare businessmen, business representatives, who have knowledge of the principles of creating business, are able to manage and develop business, analyze business management processes as an indivisible complex system.

Learning outcomes

Graduates of the programme are able to creatively apply theoretical knowledge of business management to practice and flexibly react to changes; to apply innovations when generating new business ideas, managing, motivating employees, negotiating with business partners; are able to evaluate business environment situation, forecast tendencies in business development; are able to apply skills of management activities (planning, organizing, management and control); are able to make suitable marketing solutions in business; are able to analyze business management processes, their pros and cons, to propose innovations when creating a higher value business processes; know how carry out research, analyze and systemize information; are able to communicate when presenting their abilities, given service, or when consulting; are able to adapt their activities to the activities of other group members, to evaluate one’s contribution within the context of team’s activities as well as the work done by the whole team and its results; are able to express their thoughts in a consistent and reasoned manner in a written as well as in an oral form (either in Lithuanian or a foreign language)

Distinctive features

After changing the conception of teaching courses, focusing more on the development of competences rather than the contents and diversifying study and assessment methods, it became possible to develop competences in shorter period of time. Since the courses which develop the competences outlined in the study programme are taught in 7 semesters, the duration of studies becomes 3,5 years.

Business Management study programme aims at developing a personality who is ethic, social, creative, able to adapt to the ever changing environment, possessing a business-oriented worldview, motivated to constantly educate himself/herself and to attain his/her goals, able to adequately evaluate oneself as well as others, all the activities as well as their results.

The programme develops subject-specific competences: business, management, marketing. All the competences developed in the study programme are equally important and determine a future specialist’s professional flexibility in the market.

End of studies

The programme is finished with the preparation of the final Bachelor thesis. Those who successfully finish the studies are awarded with a Bachelor degree in Business and Management.

Graduates of the programme may pursue MA studies in social sciences.