Cultural management

About the programme

The programme is coordinated by the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies

cultural management 

Study field: Social Sciences

Study direction: Management

Degree awarded: Bachelor in Culture management

Duration: 4 years

The programme is meant for those who want to relate their professional career with culture, one of the most interesting and dynamic field of work in contemporary society. The studies train prospective professionals to apply management and economics knowledge to the practice of cultural organizations, their products and services, create and realize art and culture projects.  

This profession is for those who are full of youthful enthusiasm, a wide spectrum of ideas and a desire to reveal new qualities in others and discover themselves.

Objectives of the programme are as follows:

Graduates will be able to accomplish complex organizing work taking personal responsibility for it; establish and administrate cultural (private or public) enterprises; plan, administrate, develop and control performance of cultural enterprises; carry out culture market research applying quantitative and qualitative research methods; analyse and evaluate cultural products; identify and segment audiences with different interests and tastes in diverse cultural environments; find and rationally choose an appropriate business strategy in different sectors of culture industries

Distinctiveness of the study programme:

  • Attention to practical training of the future culture manager;
  • Possibility to choose modules in different sectors of culture (e.g. cinema, theatre, fashion, museum, publishing industry etc.);
  • The programme is delivered not only by academics but also professionals in diverse culture fields;
  • Compulsory internship may be carried out in cultural organizations abroad.