English and Another Foreign Language (Swedish)

About the programme

english swedishField of studies: Arts

Study area: Linguistics

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Linguistics

Duration: 4 years

This is an interdisciplinary study of modern linguistics, aimed at preparation of professionals who are able to speak fluent English and Swedish languages, analyse and stylistically evaluate, translate and edit texts of various styles and genres, understand peculiarities of history, culture and literature of the English and Swedish speaking countries, evaluate and summarise the research data.

Programme goals:

  • to provide a comprehensive university education;
  • to prepare specialists, who know two foreign languages, for their practical professional activities and further studies;
  • to prepare a specialist, who is able to orient in modern information society, meets modern requirements, and, taking into account employers’ interests, can easily integrate into rapidly changing labour market.
  • In the context of modern academic linguistic achievements, supply information on various modern English and Swedish language level (phonetics, morphology, syntax) units and usage of their variants in different language registers;
  • Educate students’ practical English and Swedish language skills according to four language activities: speaking, writing, listening, reading;
  • Educate students’ linguistic-cultural competence;
  • Introduce students with basis of translation science and translation peculiarities of various texts;
  • Introduce students with culture, history and literature of two different nations;
  • Get students involved into scientific researches;
  • Allow students to acquire basic computing skills, use computer systems, programs, dictionaries, databases, corpuses and other electronic resources; work with texts of different formats in multilingual environments; prepare presentations.

An important part of the study programme is a 12-week translation practice, carried out in 8th semester and accomplished in translation offices and various companies. During 4 years of studies students prepare two annual essays.

Required qualities and skills: If you are gifted in foreign languages and like arts, if you are interested in foreign culture, literature, history and are able to express you thoughts in a clear way - this study programme is just for you.

Characteristics of the study process: Students have a lot of practice: they do exercises of Swedish and English language in computer classes. Great attention is paid on the usage of computers, new communications and IT during classes, lecturers use multimedia software.