English and Russian Languages

About the programme

English russianStudy area: Humanities

Study areaLinguistics

Degree awardedBachelor of Linguistics

Duration: 4 years

These interdisciplinary studies of modern linguistics aim at preparing specialists who are able to speak English and Russian languages fluently, analyse and  stylistically  evaluate, translate and edit texts  of various styles and genres, evaluate and summarise the research data.


People who do have no or minimal competences in the Russian language can apply for these studies.

Learning outcomes

Graduates can speak, write and creatively apply knowledge of English And Russian languages, carry out scientific research on linguistic discourse; have knowledge of the main linguistic fields of research, various scientific research methods and can practically apply them; are able to analyze various theories within the scope of linguistics; understand the system of intercultural communication; are engaged in translation studies, professional translation and translator’s profession; have knowledge in the English and Russian literature; are able to analyze and interpret literary texts; are able to explain cultural processes and apply this knowledge in everyday situations; are able to solve unusual problems; are able to think critically and give arguments in a written as well as oral form; effectively work in groups or individually; apply IT skills.

Distinctive features of the study programme

Special attention is devoted to making the process of studies more computerized, employing information technologies. The majority of practical seminars take place in computerized classes employing different programmes for teaching languages and translating.  Lectures are given in classes with multimedia, computer classes which are used when working with translation software. An important part of studies is professional practice which happens in semester 8 and lasts for 12 weeks. The practice is carried out in various translation agencies, state institutions and business companies. In four years, students prepare 2 annual essays.

The end of studies

The programme is finished with the defence of the final thesis and the final examination: a Bachelor thesis in English and a final exam in Russian or Bachelor thesis in Russian and a final exam in English. Students who successfully finish studies are awarded with a Bachelor degree in linguistics.