Management and Business Administration

About the programme

The study programme is coordinated by the Department of Business Economics and Management

vadyba ir verslo administravimas vukhfStudy field

  • Social Sciences

Study direction

  • Management and Business Administration (Commerce, Business organisation)

Degree awarded

  • Bachelor in Business and Management

Required features and skills

Applicants of the study programme should be organised, creative, a good time planner with abilities to cooperate and motivate for general activities.

If you like interacting with people, if you are communicative with a tendency to lead rather than be led, if you have organisational skills and want to create your own business – this study programme is just for you.

Peculiarities of the study process

The aim of the Management and Business Administration study programme is to prepare highly-qualified specialists in commerce and business organisation who are able to find and use new ways to manage business processes.

For the first two years of studies, potential managers are taught according to the general business study programme; later on, they choose a narrower specialisation, i.e. Commerce (oriented towards the application of business innovation and competition improvement to trading networks and both standard and electronic environment) or Business Organisation (oriented towards business planning, decision making and implementation and control, implementation of specific actions in order to provide the business with equipment, workforce, and implement business management).

During the fourth year of studies, students carry out practice in an organisation or company; also, the students can participate in the Erasmus practice programme which takes place in foreign companies. The studies are brought closer to relevant needs faced in practical life; thus, they provide the students with an opportunity to study and work at the same time. There are permanent and extended forms if study.


The study programme ends with the preparation of the final thesis. Those who have successfully graduated from the programme are awarded a bachelor degree in business and management.