Software Systems

About the programme

The programme is coordinated by the Institute of Applied Informatics

Study area: Physical Sciences

Study field: Software Systems

Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Software Systems

Duration: 4 years


The aim of the programme is to prepare high quality specialists of software systems, who meet the requirements of the Lithuanian economy, who are able to create and export software products and services and who manage to successfully compete in IT job market in the EU and other foreign countries.

Learning outcomes

Graduates of the programme will be able to analyze economical, social, ethical and legal effect of solutions to people, organizations and society; able to discern new possibilities for software systems application, to evaluate the effect of knowledge within the scope of application, the complexity of problems and viability of their solutions; able to select and employ suitable contemporary methods, models, problem solution samples, skills and tools necessary for the design and maintenance of software systems, including new scopes of application; will be able to employ current technical and software equipment, identify, comprehend and apply prospective technologies; will be able to plan, design and carry out experiments and other practical research, analyze and interpret data; will be able to formulate rational, effective variants of problem solution in terms of timing and costs, based on the most significant knowledge and methods of costs and productivity assessment.

Distinctive features of the study programme

Theoretical courses in the programme are in convergence with practical applications, teamwork and good timing is stressed. Lecturers in the programme are scholars, experts in their research areas, having experience in creating software systems for Lithuanian as well as foreign clients. The programme meets European as well as US accreditation requirements for study programmes of software systems. A wide list of elective modules and flexible possibilities to choose them enables students to specialize. Students can easily find a job as software system specialists even during their study years.

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