Applied systems of finance and accounting

About the programme

The study programme is coordinated by The Institute of Economics, Finance and Management

Applied systems of finance and accountingStudy area: Social Sciences

Study field: Finance

Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Finance

Duration: 4 years


The aim of the programme is to prepare universal specialists who have knowledge of finance and accounting as well as skills in information technologies, i.e. who can not only understand and analyze financial processes, principles of financial management and accounting but also who have competences in applying information technologies and programmes by gathering, processing and analyzing financial data as well as managing financial processes in the actual business environment.

Learning outcomes

A graduate of the study programme knows fundamentals, methods and functions of business management, principles of business organization, accounting processes, principles and structure of financial accounting, principles of payment and tax system, peculiarities of financial system, money and capital markets, specifics of a company’s or personal finance, features of financial tools, their pros and cons. A graduate is also able to carry out financial analysis of a company, to forecast activity indicators, to manage company finance. A graduate knows how to apply principles of finance management, to draw up financial accounts of a company, to carry out the main audit tests, to manage accounting and calculate tax, identify financial risks, to compose and manage investment portfolios.

Distinctive features of the study programme

“Applied Systems of Finance and Accounting” is a unique study programme in Lithuania which prepares students for a prestigious work as financial officers, accountants in financial as well as non-financial institutions, especially in financial service centres which are becoming more and more popular in Lithuania.

The programme encompasses studies of three fields (finance, accounting and informatics), therefore, students obtain skills in accounting and finance as well as deeper knowledge of informatics and system application, a wider financial thinking is formed. The programme focuses on more thorough studies of finance (considerably more courses on finance and accounting), therefore, graduates may apply for a position of financial officers or accountant in companies without any additional training, while those who plan to become auditors in the future will face less challenges when preparing for certification exams. Due to the integrated competences of informatics and Swedish language, graduates may be necessary for financial service and competence centres in Scandinavian financial institutions.

These full-time studies are finished with a Bachelor thesis.

Professional practice is carried out in financial institutions: commercial banks, large financial companies, money broking firms and so on. The practice lasts for 12 weeks.

End of studies

The programme is finished with the defence of a Bachelor thesis. Those who successfully finish studies are awarded with a Bachelor degree in Finance.



 Assoc. prof. Dr. Gailutė Gipienė.

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Gintarė Demskutė

phone no. 00370-37) 422926

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