Art management

About the programme

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The programme is coordinated by the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies

Study area: Social Sciences

Study field: Management

Qualification awarded: Master of Management

Duration: 1.5 year

“Art Management” is a 1.5 year long MA study programme oriented towards practical studies. The majority of courses are taught by scholars who are in collaboration with various experienced specialists in art management and marketing, who give practical seminars to students. During the second year of studies, students will be able to initiate, implement a project in an art organization, conceptualize the phenomena and/or problems identified during its implementation and evaluate its results or write a final thesis, starting from the analysis of scientific literature within the field of the chosen scientific problem and investigate a phenomenon within art or cultural organizations.


The aim of this study programme is to prepare the highest-profile specialists of art management who would be able to creatively and independently manage art organisations, initiate and pursue art and business cohesion projects, combine principles of art management and marketing in their activity, identify problems of cultural management, art organizations and marketing and provide solutions.

Learning outcomes

Graduates are able to: 1) think creatively, create ideas and fins solutions to problems, 2) work in a team and become leaders, 3) reflect in society’s values, ground their decisions with ethical principles, 4) apply contemporary theories and methods of organization management and marketing when preparing and implementing creative projects and carrying out research, 5) creatively organize activities of art organizations and various cohesions of art and business. 6) apply marketing strategies in the activities of art organizations, 7) analyze art industries and relate them to the development of cultural heritage and cultural/creative tourism as well as creative industries, 8) analyze and critically evaluate variety of artistic phenomena, processes and systems, recognize or/and initiate changes in their shapes.

Distinctive features of the study programme

It is the only programme in Lithuania which is based on the conception of art as social and economic phenomenon and uniting principles of art management as well as marketing into one piece. The composition of the programme is based in the specific applied orientation of the programme: to develop managerial, marketing competences, relevant to the work of cultural, artistic organizations, implementing projects of art, artistic industries, coordinating arts exhibitions, organizing massive cultural events, managing innovative processes in artistic/cultural organizations.

The majority of courses are taught by scholars who cooperate with specialists working in the spheres of art management and marketing. Students have the opportunity to write their final thesis where they can reflect and analyze their own project.