Audiovisual translation

About the programme

The programme is coordinated by the Department of Germanic Philology

Study area: Humanities

Study field: Translation

Qualification awarded: Master of Translation

Duration: 2 years


The aim of the programme

To prepare highly qualified professionals who have knowledge in translation studies and specialised translation theories and methodologies, are capable of applying contemporary translation theories and methods, discerning, evaluating and solving the theoretical and practical problems of translation and localisation of audiovisual production in the rapidly developing industries of translation technologies and specialised translation.

Learning outcomes          

Having completed the study programme, the graduate will possess profound knowledge in the field of translation studies and will be able to:

  • analyse and evaluate subtitled, surtitled, voiced-over and dubbed works, adapt audio-visual text to people with hearing and visual impairments;
  • solve linguistic, cultural, software as well as other localization problems;
  • effectively use electronic translation tools and technologies;
  •  translate audio-visual products from a second foreign language;
  • critically analyse and edit translated texts, create multimodal texts and present them in a foreign language,  to work in a team;
  • individually organize complex activities of audiovisual translation, carry out scientific research

Distinctive features of the study programme 

The study programme aims at interconnecting scientific research and the practical implementation of research results; therefore, the Department cooperates with its social partners working in the field of AVT. Although internship is not provided in the programme, 20 credits are allocated to the Audiovisual Project in semesters 2 and 3, which is performed by the students in collaboration with social partners. The final assessment of this module is the project defence. The defence will take place in front of the Board consisting of prominent researchers and social partners.

Latest information on project activities, including projects carried out by the students of  Audiovisual Translation, lectures and seminars given by social partners and other guests and information about workshops is available on the Department’s  Facebook page.