Business Administration

About the programme

The study programme is coordinated by the Department of Business Economics and Management

Study area: Social Sciences

Study field: Business

Qualification awarded: Master of Business

Duration: 2 years

The programme prepares managers of high qualification and diversified expertise competence to work in small and medium-size companies. Such companies comprise absolute majority of companies in Lithuania. They occupy the largest part of the workforce, including the managerial staff. A manager with multidisciplinary profile is one of the most demanded specialisations within market economics conditions.

The aim of the study programme:

The aim of the study programme is to prepare highly qualified managers who are able to evaluate the potential of their organisation in a competitive fight, to make grounded management solutions, form development strategies of a company and implement them.

Learning outcomes

The graduate can analyze, critically evaluate processes of business organization activities and create scenarios for their change, to choose suitable assessment methods and forecasting models; to apply innovations and creativity in business environment, connecting economical, and managerial elements with integral ties; to employ strategic analysis and seek for integration of actions in an organization or in a separate department; to make innovative business solutions evaluating their ethics and possible effect on society and environment (taking into consideration principles of sustainable development); integrate principles of sustainable development in an individual professional activities; to use methods of external and internal business environment analysis; analyze business environment, to choose resources, business area, market, critically evaluate received information, apply methods and tools of business analysis for the preparation and introduction of management innovation; manage human resources of an organization; to understand ethical dimensions of business development and the paradigm of corporate responsibility and to apply it in an organization; to choose research design, methods, methodology and to carry out research; to carry out research individually, to evaluate situation in local and global areas.

Distinctive features of the study programme

The programme unites business environment research relevant to contemporary business and integrated aspects of leadership, innovation management, firm internationalization, strategic business sustainability, sustainable development. Having acquired results of such research, students have the opportunity to form a systematic attitude towards business administration. The study programme is sufficiently flexible and allows students to choose courses related to the aspects of international and sustainable development business.

Visits by business representatives

Master students’ participation in (the Department’s) scientific research and conferences:

  • Master students participate in the annual Prof. Dr. V. Gronskasyoung researchers scientific conference “Development of Economy: Theory and Practice”; also, they take part in conferences and seminars organised by other universities where they can introduce and discuss the insights of their scientific research and share ideas with other young scientists and lecturers.
  • Master students may also develop their competences in conferences “Actualities of Human Resource Management” and “Sustainable Development: Theory and Practical Implementation” and seminars organized by the Department of Business Economics and Management.
  • Master level students are involved in the Department’s scientific research together with their scientific advisers by preparing and writing their MA theses: they analyse separate aspects of scientific research carried out in the Department.