English Linguistics

About the programme

Department: Germanic Philology


The aim of the MA study programme English Linguistics is to prepare specialists who have vast knowledge of linguistic theories and research methodologies, are able to approach them critically and apply in their individual linguistic research.

Anglu kalbotyra

Peculiarities of the study process

MA students of English Linguistics have an ample opportunity for their scientific activities by writing articles on their own or in collaboration with the professors, organising and participating in scientific conferences. The final semester is dedicated to academic research and writing of the MA thesis. No internship is planned in the programme.

Competences to be developed

After completing the programme, graduates will:

  • possess knowledge in the fields of General Linguistics, Typology of Languages, Evolution of Germanic Languages and Germanic Linguistics;
  • be able to analyse and interpret linguistic phenomena from interdisciplinary perspective;
  • be able to apply specific theories, methods and research technologies in the field of philology;
  • recognise the specificity of intercultural communication in solving the related issues;
  • gain competence in performing individual research by developing a creative approach to contemporary methods of analysis by recognising their horizons and possible limitations;
  • be able to assess the research results and determine their reliability;
  • be able to work independently and in a team;
  • develop demand for new knowledge and skills in the process of life-long learning.