Information Systems in Business

About the programme

The study programme is coordinated by the Department of Informatics

Study area: Social Sciences

Study field: Business

Qualification awarded: Master of Business

Duration of studies: 2 years

The study programme has been developed with regard to the demand for specialists who are able to efficiently apply finance and accounting information systems in IT companies. Currently, information is becoming a product, and, within the production process, it is as significant as raw produce, energy and work tools.

The main feature of this study programme is the integrity of management and information technology sciences as well as the application of information technologies while organising business within a specific field, i.e. information resource management in various fields of formal communication.


The aim of the programme is to prepare qualified specialists who have deep knowledge of information system technologies as well as management and business administration. The programme comprises studies on the creation, design and implementation of business information systems, re-engineering of information systems, principles of management and administration of traditional and e-business, problems and their solutions.

Learning outcomes

A graduate of “Business Information Systems” study programme is able to economically ground directions for introduction of information technologies and necessary tools, administer IT projects of private and public sector, administer processes of restructuring and design of information systems. He/she is able to analyze formal areas of creating information systems, specify customer requirements, design, exploit and professionally evaluate information systems.

Distinctive features of the study programme

The most important goal of the study programme is to prepare qualified business specialists, filling a market gap which emerges in between classical managers and information system designers, analysts and creators.