Lithuanian Linguistics

About the programme

The programme is coordinated by the Department of Lithuanian Philology


Lithuanian Linguistics master level study programme aims at preparing master level specialists in Linguistics who will widen the knowledge acquired in BA level studies by theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in discourse development, research, perception, interpretation, language as a means to invoke and achieve goals.

Admission requirements:

Potential students of Lithuanian Linguistics must have a BA in Philology or other field of Humanities or have respective qualifications. For those who have a BA in Philology, the competition grade is formed from the special subjects, the mark of the final thesis and the average of the marks in the diploma supplement. Those who have a BA in other fields of Humanities must sit the admission exam.

Abilities and competencies:

  • will be able to understand the processes of language development, compare and critically evaluate ideas of various linguistic schools;
  • will be able to apply various research methods in the field of Humanities, formulate hypotheses and carry out independent scientific research;
  • will be able to qualitatively create public discourse and academic texts;
  • will be able to analyse the interaction between language and socium;
  • will independently take part in the field of the interaction between interdisciplinary language and socium, will carry out its scientific research and develop new models of the social impact of language functioning and speaking;
  • will critically apply theoretical principles and means of modern linguistics in solving practical linguistic tasks;
  • will spread the results of linguistic research in various modern media;
  • will initiate active scientific discourse of Lithuanian linguistics by relating it with the linguistic research change on the global scale.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rita Baranauskienė

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Inga Vaitkevičiūtė

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