Statistics of the Faculty

Facts and Figures

Throughout the five decades of existence, Vilnius University diplomas were awarded to over 16 000 graduates of Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty. Currently, the Faculty has a base of 828 students, 565 of whom are the BA level students (166 this year, 38 of them are foreigns students), 239 of whom are the MA level students (129 this year, 25 of them are foreign students) and 24 PhD students.

The material base that meets the demands of the study and science process is constantly being updated: currently, the Faculty consists of 31 classrooms, 28 out of which have multimedia equipment, 7 computer classrooms, 2 terminal computer classrooms, video conference studio and a modern audiovisual translation lab (AVL). The overall number of computers in the faculty amounts to 268; almost 199 out of them are used for the study purposes, and 69 – for the administration’s needs.

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