Economic logistic analysis group

About ELAG

The group of scientists of economic logistic analysis investigate the causes of the formation of critical situations in economics and carry out research regarding the analysis of the logistic capital theory.

Logistic Theory of Capital

The main tasks of the group for Logistic Economic Analysis are:

  • to implement an original economic theory created by the scholars of the group;
  • to define and demonstrate reasons for uneven economic development on the basis of methods of economic logistic analysis, to indicate a mechanism of the emergence of economic crisis, to investigate the main causes of unsuccessful investment, and substantiate prerequisites and forces for regular economic growth.

Goals of the group:

  • to specify a mechanism of the emergence of economic crisis on the basis of econometric and empirical researches, to adjust a logistic theory of capital management for a prevention of formation of economic bubbles, to foresee possible threats to economic development and investment failures;
  • to develop techniques which are necessary to reveal how marketing and other means could be used in the investigation and identification of potential (capital, labour power, GDP, GNP, etc.) logistic means;
  • to make proposals to politicians, creators of investment policy and investors how to avoid economic crisis or reduce their threat, how to act during the crisis, what means could be used during the formation of economic bubbles, how to assess successful investment, and what should be done to stop untoward economic phenomena.

The monograph “The Logistic Theory of Capital Management: Deterministic Methods” prepared by the leader of the group Stasys Girdzijauskas was translated into English and published as a peer-reviewed supplement of a journal available on ISI database. In 2008 a group for interdisciplinary research was formed. The main task performed by the group is the publishing of the Faculty journal of scholarly papers “Transformations in Business and Economics”. Researchers of the group take an active role in the organization of scientific seminars on a variety of problems of social sciences.


To create and develop the theory of logistic capital management, to write articles, to participate in conferences, to educate the society, to spread and promote this new theory.

Discussion club

Periodically, once a month, meetings with the members of economic logistic  analysis centre are organized. PhD students present the course of their thesis, raise issues for discussion, share thoughts on article writing and participation in conferences.

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