Philological research group


Assoc. prof. dr. Gabija Bankauskaitė-Sereikienė

tel. 8 37 750536
Muitinės st. 8, LT-44280, Kaunas

Philological research group investigates the processes of formation, diffusion and transformation of meaning in various texts incorporating synchronic, diachronic and panchronic aspects. It also presents the results of research in a number of national and international conferences and publications, arrange book presentations, scientific seminars, discussions of which are published in a reviewed international scientific journal Respectus Philologicus, participates in the activities for the editorial board of the journal. In 2006 – 2010 the group held over 30 seminars with speakers from Lithuania and other countries of the world (Prof. dr. (HP) Heiner Eichner (Austria), Prof. dr. (HP)Carlos Morton (USA), Prof. dr. (HP) Leona Toker (Israel), Prof. dr. (HP) Algis Mickūnas (USA), assoc. prof. Liisa Tainio (Finland), dr. Silvio Brendler (Germany), dr. Flavia Cosma (Canada), dr. Tatjana Skrebcova (Russia) dr. Bernd Gliwa (Latvia), dr. David Ellis (Great Britain), etc.).

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