Sustainable development group

Scientists of Sustainable development group focus on the realization of cohesive development principles in the development of instruments for monitoring, the creation and development of sustainability assessment methodologies and their application to  political sustainability assessment. Scientists work in the field of climate change – they examine the measures of climate change mitigation and prepare recommendations to the Lithuanian policy of climate change mitigation. Whie modeling sustainable development, a lot of attention is put on the application of the logistic theory of capital management. From 2002 to 2005,  the group organised over 20 seminars with speakers from Lithuania (Prof. dr. (HP) Vladas Gronskas, Prof. dr. (HP) Juozas Burniekis, Prof. dr. (HP) Jonas Čičinskas, Prof. dr. (HP) Jonas Čepinskis, Prof. dr. (HP) Regina Virvilaitė, Prof. dr. (HP) Rimvydas Simutis, Prof. dr. (HP) Povilas Gylys, prof. dr. (HP). Juozas Rimantas Gylys etc.) and other countries (Prof. dr . (HP) Lars Ryden (Sweden), Prof. dr. (HP) Paula Lindroos (Sweden), Prof. dr. (HP) Walter Leal Filho (Germany), Prof. dr. (HP) Poul Wolffsen (Denmark), Prof. dr. (HP) Leah Zacher (Poland), Prof. dr. (HP) Joost Platja (Poland) etc.). Scientists of the group actively participate in international conferences, prepare scientific publications and monographs.

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