16 th prof. Vladas Gronskas international scientific conference

The 16 th prof. Vladas Gronskas international scientific conference will be held on December 2, 2021. The aim of the Conference is to contribute to a reliable, secure, efficient and sustainable economy, economic and business development.

We invite master students, PhD students and researches to Prof. Vladas Gronskas International Scientific Conference. The Conference organizers also invite students to deepen their knowledge in the fields of economics, finance, management, business administration and marketing.

16-th prof. Vladas Gronskas International Scientific Conference invites master's, doctoral and other researchers working in the field of social sciences and applied informatics to share their discoveries, disseminate scientific ideas and establish academic contacts at the most important classical (comprehensive) university of science in Lithuania!

Students who want to deepen their knowledge in the fields of economics, finance, management, business administration, marketing and get acquainted with the subtleties of these studies and science as early as possible are also invited to participate in the conference.

Take a chance to publish your article in the ISI Web of Science journal Transformations in Business & Economics

The conference will be held remotely using MS Teams program. More information about login options is available only to registered participants.


 Important: about Classes In-Person in Kaunas Faculty

Access to the university premises is allowed only for persons who have one of the following documents:

  • a Valid National Certificate 
  • EU Digital Covid Certificate 
  • a Valid negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR test result 

IMPORTANT! In order to ensure a smooth study process and to avoid queues at the entrance of the Kaunas Faculty, please have your ID card or passport and one of the documents listed above ready when you arrive.

If you have not been vaccinated and have not contracted the illness before, you need to be tested. Under the existing decision of the Head of Operations, students who have been vaccinated with a single dose will not be required to pay for a PCR test during the transitional period (until 15 October).

Those who do not have an EU digital COVID Certificate or other document mentioned above: please ask the course tutor before the lecture for the possibility to listen the audio broadcast of the lectures in real time. Recordings of the lectures will not be performed.

You can get the National Certificate at

Dear first-year students and community members of Kaunas faculty,

K.Driaunys-642x410.jpgWelcome to the opening of the new academic year! I would like to share my thoughts with the first-year students, which is why we have gathered here. I am sure you are familiar with the idea that learning is for life. Learning for life enables you to gain experience, learn more about yourself and the world, and share the acquired knowledge with others.
The idea that you can contribute to a better world is probably appealing and motivating for everyone. However, valuable knowledge is not acquired in one day; it is necessary to make an effort. But anything is possible if you know what you are aiming for.
You are like travellers now: you know the final destination, you have a map and a backpack, which is knowledge that you have already acquired. However, you may still be unsure what else you may have to learn, or which path to take; how your daily routine will change, and whom you will meet along the way.
It’s good to know that you will not travel alone on this learning journey, although some challenges will need to be overcome by everyone individually. Either way, everyone will gain experience and follow a unique path. Kaunas faculty community will be there to support you: we will provide knowledge, encourage you, observe how your best qualities are revealed and new skills are formed, how you reach your destination.
Wishing you success on this journey, I would like to quote the state figure and writer Benjamin Disraeli who said that "The secret of success is constancy to purpose". I wish you to be persistent with your goals so that we can enjoy the results together later.
Once again, congratulations on becoming part of the best university in the country, and welcome to the community of Kaunas faculty!
Dean of Kaunas Faculty Associate Professor Doctor Kęstutis Driaunys


Dear students of Kaunas Faculty,

orientationweek21First of all, congratulations to all freshmen who have become members of the Kaunas Faculty community! We are looking forward to the fall semester and want to see everyone in person.

We also congratulate all senior students who will continue their academic discussions in the 2021/2022 academic year.

The organization of the study process in the autumn semester of the academic year 2021/2022

Taking into account new resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, we give priority to contact studies.

Only vaccinated / recovered after Covid 19 students will be able to participate in contact activities by producing proof of vaccination (e. g. EU digital COVID certificate, National Certificate (see

Please note that the possession of a NC or EU digital COVID certificate will also be checked during the contact sessions. Students without a NC or EU digital COVID certificate will not be allowed to participate in contact sessions; they have the possibility to listen to the audio broadcast of the lectures in real time according to the timetable. Recording of the lectures will not be performed.

The master studies and the studies for the second-forth year bachelor students will begin on the 2nd of September.

The studies for the first-year bachelor students will begin on the 6th of September.

Information on study integration events: Programme - orientationweek (

Information on timetables (for full-time students): (Note! Schedules are still under the changes and corrections)

Concerning the programmes which are conducted in English:

  1. Foreign students of the bachelor programme “Information Systems and Cyber Security” who will be unable to come to Lithuania due to immigration problems, will have a possibility to join classes (lectures, seminars, etc.) remotely in real time (i.e., at the time specified in the timetable, see The sessions will not be recorded.
  2. Foreign students of the master programme “International Business Management” who will be unable to come to Lithuania due to immigration problems, will have a possibility to join classes (lectures, seminars, etc.) remotely in real time (i.e., at the time specified in the timetable, see The sessions will not be recorded.
  3. Interim and final assessments for these students will be conducted remotely.

In case you are unable to be in Lithuania on time, please contact the Faculty: Ilona Veitaitė (full-time students) or Livija Grikietis (exchange students)

NB! If the COVID situation changes and some other decisions are taken at the level of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania or at the level of the University, the organisation of studies at KnF will change as well.

 Record-High VU Position: University Makes it to the Top 400 World Universities

IVU_QS_400_Naujienoms_EN_1920x1280.jpgn the latest QS World University Rankings 2022, Vilnius University (VU) took a record high position and for the first time, ranked 400th in this ranking.
This is also the highest rating ever achieved by Lithuanian universities in the global ranking of QS universities; therefore, this position is significant not only for the history of higher education at VU but also for the whole of Lithuanian higher education.
“Being among the 400 best universities in the world is a significant achievement for all Lithuanian higher education, testifying to the fact that our country has all the prerequisites for the highest level of international science and studies.
I am certain that we are strong enough to establish ourselves among the best universities in the world and to adhere to the highest standards as they are understood in the international scientific community. However, this requires constant constructive dialogue with the public authorities so that the funding of science and studies allows for the planning of a long-term perspective.
We prove that we can achieve and exceed the set goals, the state must prove that it considers education a priority,” VU Rector Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas said.
VU has been ranked in the global QS rankings among more than one and a half thousand other higher education institutions for almost a decade, and this time has risen by more than 200 positions in total. First evaluated in 2014, VU ranked 601-650. Currently, being in the 400th position, VU represents Lithuania by shaping high scientific standards, which increasingly contribute to attracting international researchers and becomes a serious competitor to prestigious European universities.
“We are proud of the academic community of Vilnius University. Its efforts strengthen not only the global image of the university but also the image of the city. This time, by being among the top 400, VU has once again proved that it has the energy to grow and create breakthrough ideas,” Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Šimašius said. This year, VU ranked especially high - 135 position - in terms of teaching quality. According to the criterion of academic reputation, rising by 27 positions compared to last year, this year VU ranks 400th, and 434th in terms of employee evaluation.
When compiling QS world university rankings, higher education institutions are evaluated according to a total of six criteria: Academic Reputation, rating of the best institutions in terms of research, Employer Reputation, rating of the best professional training institutions, Citations per Faculty, the ratio of the number of students and lecturers in the departments (Faculty Student), the share of foreign lecturers (International Faculty) and the number of foreign students (International Students). 

Number of cyber attacks increased by 1.5 times during the lockdown in 2020

According to the Association of Lithuanian Banks, phishers caused damage of more than EUR 4.5 million to the Lithuanian population during the past year. This was done by using fraudulent e-mails and messages to tempt people to invest in financial schemes. Meanwhile, a report issued by Risk Based Security revealed that there were over 37 billion records compromised in 2020, representing a 141% increase compared to the number in 2019.

According to Dr Renata Danielienė, lecturer and IT expert at the Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius University and the Cyberthon 2021 competition, the number of cyber attacks is growing every year. This year, their number was further increased by the quarantine, when most companies moved their activities into the virtual space and employees began working from home, meaning that less-protected personal computers were used for professional activities.

Click here to read full article:

Vilnius University mobile app for students

VU App startas EN 1080x1080This is Vilnius University (VU) app designed for every VU student.

At the moment, owners of smart devices with Android and iOS operating systems can download VU mobile app from the following app stores:
Having downloaded and logged in to the app using the official VU student identification data (username and password), you will have the possibility:

  • To access timetables;
  • To be the first to find out major and most relevant news;
  • To easily access the contacts of people who can help you with the study process.

In short, everything that is important — in one place.
Consequently, if you are a VU student, download the app and give it a go!

*The app is free of charge.



download copy copy copy

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