vu kaune 2020Prof. Vladas K. Gronskas Seminar Cycle: “Implementation of Weakly Structured Systems”

The Institute of Social Sciences and Applied Informatics at Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty continues to host a seminar cycle in honour of Professor Vladas K. Gronskas, aimed at discussing sustainable development in a mixed economy.

The 14th seminar, titled Implementation of Weakly Structured Systems, will be held on 26 May, 2022 at 15:00 UTC+3 in auditorium V, as well as remotely via MS Teams.

The seminar will be delivered in English.

Traditional implementation of an information system assumes that the IT system to be implemented is highly structured, carrying on regulatory functions expressed in organizational rules scripted into the system. Subsequent implementation seeks compliance with stated regulatory needs through a staged process, where the organization’s members are made to comply with the scripted rules. In this work we propose an alternative view of implementing IT systems when such systems are weakly structured. In these systems, most scripted rules express composition and behavior of digital objects, which organizational members tend to voluntarily enact as part of their tasks. E-mail, knowledge management systems, and social media, among others, fall into this category. We examine implementing such systems as a regulatory process sui generis – as a movement from local practices, where system uses are discovered as affordances, to wider rule sets that regulate and enforce shared deployment of such affordances. Our anaysis forges a connection between individuals’ invention of and resistance to system use and related organizational incentives and the collective dynamics of materializing, interpreting, and establishing rules to further the system’s use. This study contributes three significant perspectives to the research on technology-mediated organizational change: 1) implementation as joint regulation; 2) the role of affordances and material technologies in enabling change; and 3) the dynamics of implementation as joint regulation.

About the author

Vladislav V. Fomin is a Distinguished Professor at Vilnius University and a Visiting Professor at the University of Latvia and Excelia Business School in France. Prior academic positions were held at University of Jyväskylä, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Copenhagen Business School, Delft University of Technology, Montpellier Business School, Rotterdam School of Management, and Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania.

Professor Fomin’s research interests encompass the fields of organizational innovation, digital infrastructure development, technology standards and standardisation, technology strategy and policy. Prof. Fomin has over 100 scientific publications in various journals, conference papers and books, including Information Systems Research, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Telecommunications Policy, and other.

Relevant publications:

de Vaujany, François-Xavier, Vladislav V. Fomin, Kalle Lyytinen and Stefan Haefliger (2018). “Rules, Practices and Information Technology (IT): A Trifecta of Organizational Regulation.” Information Systems Research (ISR).

Lyytinen, K. J., Keil, T., and Fomin, V.V. (2008). “A Framework to Build Process Theories of Anticipatory Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standardizing” International Journal of IT Standards & Standardization Research (JITSR) (6:1), January-March, pp 1-38.

On behalf of the event coordinators,

Prof. Dr. habil. Remigijus Čiegis


Mariam KMariam Kasradze: Vilnius university was a start for my academic and professional life

‘I was looking for a specific Master’s degree program that would be interesting for me and I found International Business Management Master studies at the Kaunas Faculty. During the studies I started going into the details of the main research topic that I am still working on now, and I find it quite exciting’ – states Mariam Kasradze, a PhD student of the Kaunas Faculty. She came from Georgia and has been a member of our community for 3 years. 

The goal to study abroad  

After finishing my Bachelor studies, I set out a goal to continue studying abroad. I gave myself a year to prepare for the admission process and started looking for programmes to apply for. I received governmental scholarship funding for my Master’s degree studies and living expenses. And as a Georgian I already knew what a great chance it would be for me to live in a country where everyone knows and loves my homeland, my culture and calls Georgia by its original name (In 2021, Lithuania approved “Sakartvelo” as the official name for Georgia). 

Reasons for pursuing doctoral degree and research field 

My research field for my Master’s degree was Corporate Social Responsibility, and I enjoyed working on this topic a lot. It played an important role in paying my own contribution to sustainability issues. Moreover, the possibilities offered by the Kaunas Faculty were quite satisfying for me. I learn a lot every day, improve myself in doing research and the university helps me a lot in that. 

Plans after PhD studies  

I still have 3 years left until I finish my PhD studies and it is a bit hard to say what my plans will be. Generally, I would like to continue doing research and combine it with a job, similarly as I do now. Currently I work for a company from the UK and the next step will be either to stay in Lithuania and continue working remotely or move closer to a local office. So far going back to Georgia for working is not in my plans, however, I visit my country at least twice per year. 

Study benefits in professional career 

I work as a business development support executive, and I would say that being aware of management and leadership styles really helped me at the beginning of my work and gave me a good base for developing myself even more later on. 

Impact of studying in Lithuania  

The knowledge and skills I have gained during my studies here are crucial for my career goals. Also, I found a lot of opportunities to professionally develop myself and I am very grateful for that. 

The Kaunas Faculty community 

I took part in different events organized by ESN and met a lot of amazing people from all over the world. 

Benefits of studying abroad  

You come out of your comfort zone, go somewhere you’ve never been before, try to live where you’ve never lived before, meet new people, dive into a new culture and collect a lot of memories. 

The most surprising experience in Lithuania 

For the first time in my life I got my own ice skates and skated on a frozen lake when the temperature outside was -20. I am not sure if it is that surprising, but it was an amazing and unforgettable feeling for me. 

Cool and unexpected places in Lithuania 

I love traveling and exploring new locations, as well as hearing rare stories about different places. I can say that I simply enjoyed all the cities and small places that I visited in Lithuania. However, I will never forget my emotions while visiting the Hill of Crosses and the atmosphere I experienced there. 

Advice to another student 

To concentrate on developing themselves and to put a lot of initiative into finding different opportunities rather then wait for a teacher or university to give them to you.  

Student Dennis Osah Jnr: ‘I can confidently say that my studies in Lithuania had an impact on my future goals’

Dennis Osah ‘I always wanted to study International Business Management, so I went to the University website and searched for their available courses, I saw the course I wanted and immediately applied’ – states second-year Master student Dennis Osah Jnr from Nigeria. We invite you to learn more about the Vilnius university Kaunas Faculty student, his experience in Lithuania and what he thinks about studying.

Did you always know you wanted to study abroad? Why did you choose Lithuania?

Yes, it was always my dream to study abroad, as I saw it as an opportunity to learn more and experience other ways of being taught. A friend of mine told me about Lithuania and I did my own research. I came to the conclusion that it would be a good destination for me due to three reasons: (i) affordable tuition fees, (ii) the course I wanted was available, (iii) I heard so many nice things about Lithuania and, so I became determined to come to study here.

Why did you choose Kaunas Faculty?

Actually, at first I thought my course would be taught in Vilnius, but I realized I would be studying at the Kaunas faculty and I must say I’m glad that I studied here, as I met really nice and friendly people.

Dennis Osah su destytoja I. SarkiunaiteHow did you get involved in the community of Kaunas Faculty?

I got involved by attending the Vladas Gronskas International conference twice, once as a listener and as a participant. I learned a lot about different topics from technology to culture and entrepreneurship. The conference gave me the opportunity to network and learn new things. Also in our department, we received two lecturers from Istinye University, Turkey which I participated in the class activities with other students from different countries. Events were limited due to the covid-19 situation.

Did your studies in Lithuania have an impact on your future goals?

Yes, I can confidently say that my studies in Lithuania had an impact on my future goals as it gave me the opportunity to grow academically and a stepping stone to achieving greater things in future endeavors.

Dennis with friendsWhat advice would you give to other students?

I would advise other students to enjoy the experiences and create good positive memories with people of other nationalities. But most importantly, students should read and work hard so they can receive fantastic grades. Hint: never joke with assignments and presentations. I also advise students to listen and learn as much as possible from the lecturers who are all very knowledgeable and super friendly.

Was there anything unique about studying abroad?

Meeting and making friends with people from different countries and cultures was the most unique thing for me. I got to know more about the cultures and tried various foods from India, Bangladesh, Lithuania, etc. Now I can say that I can cook some Indian foods, which was not the case before.

What is the one benefit of studying abroad that is totally worth it?

The best benefit in my own perspective has to be interacting with people from different parts of the world. It builds your network, which can be beneficial in the future.

Where are you going next after graduating? Will you go back to your country?

I have some options on the table, I might go on to pursue my PhD here in Lithuania or will continue working here. When the time is right, I will make a decision that will take me to where I want to be in the foreseeable future.

Did you find any cool places in Lithuania that you weren’t expecting?

Yes, I found a lot of places that I didn’t think Kaunas had before coming here. I visited some nice parks in Panemunė and Kalniečiai. Also, a friend of mine from Šiauliai took me to a Nigerian restaurant here in Kaunas and we visited there for lunch and had some of our delicacies from Nigeria, which was nice as I didn’t expect there to be one here.

Are you looking for a job here? If you already have a job, is it related to your studies?

I’m currently working in HCL Technologies as an IT Service agent, it’s sort of related as HCL is a multinational company that provides IT solutions to its clients.

In your job, have you further developed any of the skills acquired during your studies?

Yes, I most definitely acquired new skills in communication, problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as efficient troubleshooting abilities, as these are needed to excel in work.

angl baneris studiju mugeiJoin the 2022 Virtual Student Fair 

We invite you to join a virtual study fair and get the answers to all your questions about the admission and studies at Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty.

For a whole month, you are welcome to visit the VU Kaunas Faculty stand and learn more about the following study programmes: 

Participants will get a chance to collect points, and the most active ones will receive 500 invitations to St. The Bell Tower of St. John’s Church and VU merchandise. Further information about the game will be provided on the study fair platform. 

To register for the Fair, please go to:

Текст UA нижче


Dear members of the Kaunas Faculty community, 

Tomorrow the people of our country will be celebrating Lithuania’s Restoration of Independence Day. This year marks the 32nd spring of independence for Lithuania. 

Unfortunately, Ukraine continues to fight the battle for its independence to this day. It is therefore no surprise that most of us have mixed feelings on such an important day for our country. Of course we might feel like celebrating and proudly waving the Lithuania flag. Yet the fact that our sisters and brothers in Ukraine are sacrificing their lives for freedom makes it seem like it’s not the right time to smile and be cheerful. I strongly believe that the best we can do today is not to take our independence for granted and celebrate March 11th (eleventh) as a proud people of a free country. And hopefully in the near future, we will have the honour of celebrating yet another day for freedom – the freedom of Ukraine. 

Congratulations to all of you on this wonderful day. Now I would like to invite everyone to sing the national anthem of Lithuania along with the members of the “Veni Gaudere” academic singing studio.

Slava Ukraini!

Assoc. prof. Dr Kęstutis Driaunys, Dean of VU Kaunas Faculty 



Шановні члени спільноти Каунаського факультету!

Завтра громадяни нашої країни святкуватимуть День відновлення незалежності Литви. Цього року – це вже 32 весна, коли до слова «Литва» ми додаємо ще одне, особливе слово – «незалежна». На жаль, Україна продовжує свою боротьбу за Незалежність на полях битв. Тому багатьох із вас у цей  важливий для нашої країни день охоплюють двоїсті почуття. З одного боку, хочеться вийти на вулицю й разом з усіма навколо святкувати здобуття свободи, з гордістю нести державні прапори, брати участь в урочистих заходах. З іншого боку, незручно навіть усміхатися й на повний голос висловлювати свою радість, бо в цей саме час в Україні наші брати й сестри віддають життя за свою свободу. Я переконаний: найкраще, що ми можемо зробити сьогодні, – не ігнорувати ці двоїсті почуття і, відзначаючи 11 березня, наскільки це можливо, радіти тому, що ми – люди вільної країни. А пізніше, і, сподіваємось, у недалекому майбутньому ми з радістю відсвяткуємо ще одне свято свободи й незалежності, і це буде день Свободи України. Тому зараз, вітаючи вас усіх, дорогі члени спільноти з Днем Відновлення незалежності Литви, хочу сказати: СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ!

Декан Каунаського факультету доц. д-р Кястутіс Дряуніс


Domantes sauleSupport for Ukraine from Vilnius University

The citizens of Ukraine, who are bravely fighting for their freedom and life, are in need of financial and humanitarian support. Therefore, we invite you to join Vilnius University, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and other initiatives to support Ukrainian citizens. Since the dissemination of information about aid is an effective tool in the fight against Russian aggression, be sure to share it with others. 

Targeted Grand Duchy of Lithuania (LDK) Scholarship of the VU Foundation. The University will provide additional funding for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (LDK) Scholarship, which provides free tuition and financial assistance to Ukrainian students affected by Russian aggression. More: VU support for Ukraine

Financial support for Ukraine’s military forces and humanitarian aid:  Blue / Yellow 

Volunteering. Members of the VU community are welcome to volunteer with NGOs in Lithuania: Strong Together: registration.  For more information: My Government.  

Reliable information on events in Ukraine and the world. Please carefully check all sources of information: Reliable sources of information

As a responsible community that cares about the well-being of both Lithuanian and global citizens, let's help those who need us the most! 

51903209978 a3b57570f9 k 642x410Ukraine Young Scientists Council Addresses the International Scientific Community

The appeal of the Council of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine to the international academic community on the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

Dear colleagues!

When the adamant army of Ukraine and all our people are giving a worthy response in an unequal battle with one of the world's most vital powers - the autocratic criminal regime of Russia, we receive a lot of daily warm letters of support from our fellow scientists from abroad, for which we are sincerely grateful. Everyone asks how they can help us; we feel it is important to emphasize our priorities.

1. The Russian academic community in the present circumstances actively assists the Russian regime in injecting a new arms race and the global promotion of Russia's official imperial policy. In addition to sanctions against the aggressor state, it is significant to end all scientific and academic cooperation with Russian scientists (from grant funding to publication in international journals).

2. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are now at the forefront of the struggle for their state and the common good of all progressive humanity. Anyone who shares our values can donate as much as they can to our army. Transfers from abroad are accepted both to the official account of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and the reports of good and well-known volunteer funds of Ukraine.

3. Today, the cultural heritage accumulated over millennia is in the hands of barbarians. The forces of nature tamed by humanity and the peaceful atom may once again get out of control due to Russia's illegal actions. This poses an unprecedented threat to human existence. The devastating vortex of war is certainly not the element of the men and women of science, but today our and your mission is more common and important than ever. Politicians' ideological flexibility and adaptability must be contrasted with the scientists' unwavering belief in the values ​​of freedom and humanism. Propaganda stamps and fakes must be treated for the cold-blooded and critical reasons. Suffering and destruction must be overcome by creative work and progress. The struggle of our people is a struggle for Ukraine and Europe, for peace and a better world.

With sincere faith in our joint victory!

Glory to Ukraine and Vivat Academia!

The original appeal you can read here.

Study abroad ENApply for Exchange Studies

We welcome applications for ERASMUS+, ARQUS, COIMBRA GROUP and bilateral exchange studies! Applications for the 2022/2023 Fall semester or full Academic year are open until the 1st of March, 00:00 EET. For more information, please go to: and The VU International Relations Department website.

IMPORTANT! You can apply for different mobility options at the same time.

Apply for ERASMUS+ mobility here. The list of the partner universities. You can find the list of partner universities on the ERASMUS+ registration system as well. The ERASMUS+ registration system also provides information on student engagement, registration stats, as well as the following lists for you to download (in xls format): partners list, eligible candidates list, list of the entire faculty students (list of registered faculty students).
Apply for ARQUS ir COIMBRA GROUP mobility here
Apply for Bilateral exchange studies here
Online Info Sessions are scheduled on:

February 10th and 23rd, 14:00 EET (in Lithuanian) 
February 17th, 14:00 EET (in English)
The results will be announced on the International Relations Department website no later than 2 weeks after the e-registration is closed.

Find more information here.

Any questions? Please contact the Kaunas Faculty International Relations Coordinator Livija Grikietis via e-mail at or

Information on the Study Process During the 2022 Spring Semester at VU Kaunas Faculty

studijos KNF 2022We would like to inform you that during the first two weeks of the spring semester (4 – 18 February) all lectures at Kaunas Faculty will be held remotely.

From 21 February, all lectures at Kaunas Faculty will be held in person.

  1. Bachelor studies in Lithuanian (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.) will be held in person.
  2. Bachelor and Master studies in English (lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.) will be held in person. Foreign students not able to arrive to Lithuania for objective reasons are provided with the option of hybrid studies.
  3. Hybrid / remote learning elements may be included in the second cycle study programmes by the decision of the Study Programme Committees. Students shall be informed about such decisions by the Study Programme Committees or the lecturers of individual subjects. The information will also be provided in the timetable.

The exam re-takes for the 2021-2022 autumn semester will be held in the same mode as they were during the winter exam session. Further information is provided in the assessment timetable.

Aniket Chauhan photoStudying Abroad in Five Words According to Graduate of Kaunas Faculty Aniket Chauhan: “Collaboration, Excitement, Culture, Friends, Opportunities”

This is Aniket Chauhan from New Delhi, India, a graduate of the Bachelor programme Information systems and Cyber Security at Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty. We are glad that he agreed to talk about his choice to study in a foreign country, his impressions on Lithuania, the community of Kaunas Faculty, his future plans and other things, which we think will interest the reader. We invite you to learn more about A. Chauhan.

Did you always know you wanted to study abroad? Why did you choose Lithuania for your studies?

Not really, I was more specifically looking for a course in Cyber Security, which is rare for a Bachelor course. Looking at all the similar degree programmes and comparing their course materials and reviews, I decided to choose Vilnius University, which had the course material I was looking for. I went through the reviews and noted that Vilnius university was rated very high by graduates. When it comes to country, I heard a lot of great things about Lithuania and I found them all to be true.

How did you choose your programme?

I chose the Information Systems and Cyber Security programme as I have always been interested in Computers. I was exploring fields in Computers and trying out such topics like graphic designing, programming, cyber security. I developed a very deep interest to pursue a degree in Cyber Security, for which this course fit perfectly.

How did you get involved in the community of Kaunas Faculty?

I got involved during a few events, which were organized by the Students’ Representative organisation. I was also an Erasmus Student Network mentor, so I got involved in the community a lot more at that time.

Did your studies in Lithuania have an impact on your future goals?

Yes, they did. Coming to Lithuania and studying in Vilnius University helped me grow my knowledge and skills.

What are your future plans after graduation?

I am currently working in Lithuania as a Security Engineer focused on Incident response, which directly relates to my studies. I am going to stay here while I am working. Later, I have plans to pursue Master and PhD degrees at a university that has a good course in Cyber Security.

In your job, have you further developed any of the skills acquired during your studies?

Yes, I have developed a lot of skills that I learned during my work, such as risk analysis, ethical hacking, and digital forensics.

Let’s talk more about your impressions on this country. What was the most surprising thing you did or saw in Lithuania?

The most surprising thing I saw was the Fat Tuesday Festival (Užgavėnės) in Rumšiškės, as it is very similar to a very popular festival in India called Dusshera, where the victory of good over evil is symbolically celebrated by burning a statue. It was very surprising to see the festival celebrated here in an almost identical way.

Was there anything unique about studying abroad?

I would say the most unique part was to meet people from all the different places around the world and experiencing the different cultures from all around the world.

What is the one benefit of studying abroad that is totally worth it?

The best benefit is the fact of experiencing new cultures and meeting new people from all around the world.

Did you find any cool places that you weren’t expecting?

Kaunas as whole was very different from what I was expecting as it is a very cool, cozy place with a lot of things to explore and a great atmosphere surrounding it.

How would you describe your experience of studying abroad in five words?

Collaboration, Excitement, Culture, Friends, Opportunities

What advice would you give to students?

The advice I would like to give to any fresh student is to enjoy the university experience and to participate in all the team building and orientation events, since they are the best places to meet and make new friends. I would also highly recommend to put effort in studying individually and strengthening the topics that you learn in at the lectures every day to avoid all of the nightmares before the day of the exam.

Applications Are Open 2022 ENApplications are open for 2022 study programmes in English at Kaunas Faculty

Applications are now open for the 2022 study programmes in English at Vilnius University (VU). Candidates from Lithuania and abroad are welcome to apply. Applications are open until the 15th of July, 2022*

Kaunas Faculty is offering admission to two study programmes in English: the Bachelor study programme Information Systems and Cyber Security (English) and the Master study programme International Business Management (English). Read more about them below.

Bachelor studies – Information Systems and Cyber Security (English)

Why choose the study programme?

  • It is the first information systems study programme in Lithuania providing an exclusive focus on cyber security
  • The programme is centred on contemporary global trends in information systems development and cyber security
  • It provides skills in a promising field that is in high demand due to increasing cyber threats

The study programme is highly suggested for those seeking:

  • to obtain the knowledge required for information systems developers or cyber security professionals
  • to learn from professionals working not only in the academic sphere, but also in the public sector and / or private businesses and willing to share their personal their own experience
  • to develop their own business, perform cyber security audits in both the private and public sectors or conduct qualitative information systems analysis

Dr. Renata Danelienė, a professional in the fields of information systems and cyber security, says that “recent cases of ‘successfully executed’ cyberattacks in Lithuania and abroad have been more than plenty. A cyberattack can result in huge losses for both small and large organisations. A lot of organisations are not prepared to handle cyberattacks or do not take the necessary measures for prevention. As a consequence, they are not able to deal with the aftermaths of an attack and cannot quickly restore the information systems with minimal damage to the organisation itself, as well as its customers and partners, or to minimise and avoid cyber risks in the future, etc. The number and the complexity of such attacks increases each year, and so does the demand for cyber security professionals”.

Would you like to start your career as a cyber security professional at VU Kaunas Faculty? For more information on the study programme and the admission requirements, please visit:

Master studies – International Business Management (English)

Why choose the study programme?

  • It is geared towards contemporary global labour market trends
  • The programme addresses the most current business-related challenges
  • It focuses on the growing global demand for sustainable businesses and corresponding business solutions

The study programme is highly suggested for those seeking:

  • to learn how to apply the latest financial methods, initiate and manage international business development projects
  • to start their own business or work as a senior / chief officer in the field of business management
  • to pursue a career in an international company, especially in the fields of export and investment

A graduate of the International Business Management (English) programme, assist. Dr. Indrė Ščiukauskė, shares her reflections on the studies and the impact they had on her career: “After more than seven years, I can say with confidence that the studies provided me with greater prospects and outlined the direction for my career. They broadened my understanding of the world of business both globally, culturally and in terms of different markets. The attention and support that I received from my teachers influenced me as a person and made an impact on my future plans. I think it is important to emphasise and applaud the fact that the study programme is focused on practical problem-solving tasks aimed at sustainability and efficiency, which are highly relevant aspects in business nowadays.”

For more information on the study programme and the admission requirements, please visit:

Relevant information for foreign citizens intending to study in Lithuania


Vilnius University offers scholarships for foreign citizens. For more information, please visit:


Foreign citizens, who require a visa for residence and studies in Lithuania must apply until the 1st of June, 2022*

Foreign citizens, who do not require a visa for residence and studies in Lithuania must apply until the 15th of July, 2022.

diplomas ceremony January 2022 ENWe invite you to watch the VU Kaunas Faculty Graduation Ceremony!

Dear graduates and members of the Faculty, 

Today, 21 January at 15:00 EET, the VU Kaunas Faculty will hold a remote graduation ceremony for the graduates of the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes. The diplomas will be awarded to Lithuanian and international students. 

We invite you to watch the ceremony on the VU Kaunas Faculty Youtube channel at and on the VU Kaunas Faculty Facebook page  

Have a great time at the ceremony!  

diplomas ceremony January 2022IMPORTANT: The VU Kaunas Faculty graduation ceremony will be held remotely 

The VU Kaunas Faculty graduation ceremony for the Bachelor’s and Master’s study programme graduates will be held remotely on the 21st of January, 2022.  

In response to the increasing number of coronavirus cases and to ensure the safety of the University community members, the winter 2022 graduation ceremony will be streamed online on the 21st of January, 2022. 

We invite you to watch the ceremony on the 21st of January at 15:00 EET on the VU Kaunas Faculty Facebook page: 

The diplomas will be awarded in the following order: 

  • For graduates of the Bachelor's study programme Information Systems and Cyber Security who have completed their studies in Lithuanian and English languages, 
  • For the graduates of the Master’s study programme Financial Technology (FinTech), 
  • For the graduates of the Master’s study programme Sustainable Financial Economics, 
  • For the graduates of the Master’s study programme Art Management. 

Please note!

The names and surnames of the graduates will be announced during the virtual graduation ceremony. Optionally, photographs of the graduates may be displayed as well. 

We kindly request all graduates to fill in the application form below. In the form, please indicate whether or not you want your name to be announced during the virtual ceremony. 

Application form for graduates

We remind you that there are two ways to collect your diploma: 

  1. The diploma can be shipped to the graduate by post as a registered parcel. For this option, the graduate must submit a request via the eStudent system ( --> eREQUESTS --> request to send diploma by post. The request must be submitted until 2022-01-21. 
  2. The graduate can collect the diploma in person from the Dean’s Office at the VU Kaunas Faculty on business days, at 9:00-12:00 EET or 14:00-16:00 EET. 
  3. For more information, please contact us at   

Thank you for your understanding! 



en apply 2021 

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International Business Management

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