Audiovisual laboratory

On April 1, 2010, Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty claimed the project according to BPD Human Resource Development Action Programmes Priority 2 Lifelong Learning VP1-2.2-ŠMM-07-K draft Improvement of Study Quality, Development of Internationality. On the basis of this project funded by the EU Structural Funds, the Faculty installed one of the most modern audiovisual laboratories in Lithuania. Moreover, the Faculty purchased and installed the most modern equipment Sanako Study 1200 for language teaching, translation and interpreting and the hardware necessary for its operation (headphones, microphones); the equipment was adapted to 21 workstations (20 workstations for students and 1 for the lecturer). This equipment enables the improvement of students’ linguistic abilities  on all levels as well as skills in the audiovisual translation . Also, Sanako Study 1200 laboratory enables students to study individually, which is extremely relevant for improving skills in translation while aiming at individual improvement and professional level.

The 86 square meter premises that belong to the audiovisual laboratory consist of a computer-aided video conference classroom (20+1 workstations) and a technical room. The classroom is made sure to have the most up-to-date computer, audio and video equipment, i.e. professional remote control HD video cameras; colour television standard back displays for preparation of professional reports; microphones to record the voice of the presenter/lecturer and auditorium microphones to record questions from the audience; soundproof screens and dynamic lighting enables to create the highest quality lectures/reports; HD video conference device enables high quality video broadcasts within video conference networks; the video broadcast server provides an opportunity to carry out video broadcasts via the Internet. The classroom also contains equipment for simultaneous translation which enables users to perform a direct translation of a lecture/report. There is a room adjacent to the main classroom for the video conference technician so that recordings and recorded material could be processed. 


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