Research project

National Research Project 

The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language. Bendrinės kalbos vieta mentaliniame lietuvių kalbos žemėlapyje. Standart Language location in the Mental Map Lithuanian language. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daiva Aliūkaitė 2014—2016. Nr. K-5/2014.In 2014 carried out this project activity: Development of the research methodology of the geolinguistic competences; analysis of the materials; methodological seminar “Standart Language Location in the Mental Map of Lithuanian Language. The theoretical and methodological approaches” (18 September, 2014).


National Research Project

Research Council of Lithuania. Impact of Organizational Ethics on Transformation of Organizational Innovativeness to Sustainable Innovations (No. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K-03-042). Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Pučėtaitė 2013–2015.5 research articles with the project results were published in international journals. The findings and research in progress were presented in 11 presentations in 6 international conferences e.g. XVIII World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama (Japan), annual conference of European Business Ethics Network “Business Ethics in a European Perspective - A Case for Unity in Diversity?” and 4 presentations in national conferences.Pučėtaitė R.,  Novelskaitė A. (2014) The mediating effect of organizational trust in the relationship between leader member exchange and organizational innovativeness. Ekonomika ir vadyba, 19 (2), p. 192-201. ISSN 1822-6515. Pučėtaitė R., Novelskaitė A. (2014) The effect of leader-member exchange on organizational innovativeness: findings from a Lithuanian public sector organization. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy and Business, No. 8, p. 159-171. ISSN 1313-2555, open access journal available atšinaitė R., Dilys M. (2014) The development of sustainable innovations through cooperation with stakeholders. Journal of International Scientific Publications: Economy and Business, No. 8, p. 172-182. ISSN 1313-2555, open access journal available at


Research Council of Lithuania

Educational Activity of Culture Centres in Terms of Intercultural Mobilisation (No. MIP-023/2012). Prof. Dr. V. Jurėnienė, 2012–2014.
Implementing the project the results were presented in one presentation that was given at the international scientific conference and in one scientific paper. Jurėnienė V., Urbonienė A. (2014) Cultural Centres as Informal Learning Environments. International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science, Vol. 2(2), p. 97-109. Jurėnienė V., Urbonienė A. (2014) Role of Cultural Centers in Cities. Creative Urban Development: Culture, Business, Community: Conference Proceedings, November 20-21, Kaunas / editor A. Rimkutė, Kaunas: Kaunas Faculty of Humanities of Vilnius University, ISBN 9786094594311.


International Research Project
FP7  Marie Curie IRSES scheme

Pro-ecological Restructuring of Jobs - PRORES (No. PIRSES-GA-2010-269251). Prof. Dr. V. Jurėnienė is a coordinator in Lithuania, senior scholar, (2011-2015).Country analysis with respect to sustainable development policies and actions has been carried out. The monograph is being prepared by Jurėniene Population: Lithuania, Ukraine. The team has carried out all the plans of interns as set in the project. Also it accepted and provided conditions for the internship of interns from the IWEIRN (Kiev Academy of Sciences) and NUFT (the National University of Food Technologies).


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